Davids Accepts Debate Hosted by The Kansas City Star

Sharice Davids, Democratic candidate for Congress in Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District, has accepted an invitation for a televised debate on October 29 from The Kansas City Star.

“I believe that it's important for voters to hear directly from the candidates in this race,” said Davids. “That's why I did six forums during the primary and why I have accepted a fair and public debate with Congressman Yoder accessible to the largest number of voters. I look forward to discussing Congressman Yoder’s long history of accepting millions of dollars from special interests and then voting to protect those donors, while making middle class Kansans pay more for taxes and health insurance.”

Congressman Yoder has not participated in a debate since his first run for Congress in 2010. He was invited to participate in four forums alongside Davids during this year’s primary election and refused each one - even as his own Republican primary opponent participated. He also has not held a public town hall with constituents in more than two years.