Kansas Voter Alert

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Sharice Davids' campaign has published a campaign update.

11 October, 2018

It's most essential voters know that this race is about Kevin Yoder and the ways that he has put his special interest backers ahead of Kansas families.


Voters in Kansas City need to continue to see and younger women, older men and moderate voters (non-conservative Republicans, non-conservative unaffiliated, and unaffiliated women) on the go need to know that on health care Kevin Yoder sold out Kansas.


Act 1: money + pre-existing conditions

Kevin Yoder took nearly $500,000 for his campaign from insurance companies and then voted to let insurance companies deny coverage to Kansans with pre-existing conditions, like cancer, asthma and diabetes. 

Act 2: money + premiums

Kevin Yoder has taken more than $4 million from health insurance companies and other special interests. In return, Yoder voted to give them a trillion dollars in tax breaks and voted for a health care plan that will increase insurance premiums for families and seniors in Kansas.