Kevin Yoder Keeps Lying In Yet Another Attempt To Distract From His Dangerous Healthcare Record

Latest attack ad from Congressman Yoder doesn’t pass a simple fact check

KANSAS CITY, KAN. - Kevin Yoder continues to lie to Kansas voters instead of explaining his record of repeatedly voting against their healthcare.

Yoder’s latest television ad claims that “Kevin Yoder has always protected seniors.” The simple truth: Kevin Yoder has voted to harm seniors and increase their healthcare costs by thousands of dollars over and over again.

Kevin Yoder can’t hide from his record:

FACT: Yoder repeatedly voted for Paul Ryan’s budgets that would turn Medicare into a voucher program.

FACT: Yoder repeatedly voted to reopen the Medicare Donut Hole, costing seniors thousands more in out-of-pocket prescription costs.

FACT: Yoder repeatedly voted for Republican Study Committee Budgets that included increasing the Social Security retirement age.

FACT: Yoder voted for the Republican tax bill that increased the deficit - and backs a Republican plan to pay for it with cuts to Medicare and Social Security.