Kansas NEA Names Sharice Davids as Recommended Candidate in KS-03

Kansas NEA Names Sharice Davids as Recommended Candidate in KS-03

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Sharice Davids has been selected as the recommended candidate in the Kansas Third District Congressional race by the Kansas National Education Association (KNEA).

A product of public schools herself, Davids is a staunch defender of public education. She will be a strong partner for Kansas schools at the federal level.

“Public schools gave me the foundation I needed to successfully work my way from Johnson County Community College onto Cornell Law School,” Davids said. “In Congress, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our students today have those same opportunities.”

By contrast, Davids’ opponent Kevin Yoder has repeatedly voted against public schools - earning a 0% rating on the National Education Association's 2017 Legislative Report Card. As a state legislator in Topeka, Kevin Yoder helped write the Brownback budget that would have cut $142 million from public education and then advocated for Brownback's huge tax breaks for corporations.The Yoder-Brownback plan led to many businesses paying no taxes at the same
time that some schools were being forced to close early for lack of funds.

Kansas NEA’s KPAC is comprised of KNEA members throughout the state who determine criteria for recommendations and interview candidates seeking KNEA’s recommendation in state races. The candidates who earn “recommended” status have demonstrated a commitment to strengthening public education in Kansas.

About Sharice Davids: A proud Kansan, Sharice Davids was raised by a single mom. After graduating from Johnson County Community College, she earned an Ivy League law degree from Cornell and went on to work for President Barack Obama as a White House Fellow.

Sharice has focused her career on bringing equality to all communities and providing more opportunities to help middle-class families get ahead. She’ll work to expand access to affordable health care, strengthen our public schools, make college more affordable, and invest in our infrastructure to create more good-paying jobs.